The benefits of traveling in old age

The benefits of traveling in old age

Reaching the third age, in many occasions gives us that rest and enjoy more free time, either for retirement or fewer burdens, therefore it is an ideal stage to enjoy traveling and in this way, acquire new experiences of a lifetime. Today, the hope and quality of life of the elderly have been prolonged, time is taken advantage of differently, they have more energy and vitality to carry out activities and trips with which to enjoy time in a much more fun way, leaving the daily routines and sedentary.


Contact with the outside world: Older people leave their daily environment, to get in touch in new environments which allows their update and maintain their link with the outside world.

Lower likelihood of depression and anxiety: Specially organized trips for the elderly reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety, increasing mental and physical well-being.

The sea as the best remedy: In the trips that are destined to places with the sea, you can take advantage of the multiple benefits that this has, it is already a parenthesis before the pollution of the big cities, rest of the circulation and improvement of the rheumatic diseases.

Improvement of attention: On a trip, the elderly must be continuously paying attention to go from one place to another without getting lost and paying attention to all the details that encompass the trip, they need to concentrate on the organized activities.

Increase of patience: On trips go from one place to another waiting for us to finish explaining certain routes, to the whole group finished seeing everything, makes us not despair and increase our patients to see everything in a calm way and relaxed, taking the time that is necessary to enjoy the landscapes or routes that come to visit.

Improvement of the mood: In this sense the elderly when knowing new places improve their character, makes them feel useful, giving them the impulse to feel also more independent and therefore improves their disposition towards life.

Promotes creativity: In places where there is a heavy burden of history or art in which older people need to focus all their attention, they stimulate their creative side by performing tasks that need all the attention.

Increase social relationships: Older people on journeys develop relationships with people other than their day-to-day lives, beyond the family as well as, they see and know new cultures, which allows them to increase their social circle and social relations of the same.

Traveling to exotic destination: senior guide

Traveling to exotic destination: senior guide

Have you ever given a thought on why seniors need a 2020 advantage plan for vacation the most? It is because they had a life full of duties and responsibilities to take care of. Therefore, they should be rewarded by giving them a chance to relax in every way possible. Hence, going to a trip overseas is the best way they can relax. In considering the cost, they are in need to select a place wise- a place that will not only be economical to visit, but also it will be exotic. So, fir example, Thailand is an exciting option for retirees to consider.

Places to visit

Senior people like you should enjoy the relaxing aspects of Thailand’s trip. Unlike the young people, you should always try to avoid taking part in the adventurous side of Thailand’s trip in order to avoid complexities. A perfect location for seniors for relaxation is Kamayala, a luxurious resort in the island of Koh Samui. Since it is a secluded resort, you can enjoy complete serenity and relaxation. Also, another great location is the island of Koh Chang. It is also a remote island offering services such as Thai massage and spa amidst a serene ambience.


Considering your age, it is best to avoid strenuous activities during your trip for you physical and mental well-being. Activities such as rafting and nature trekking should be avoided at all cost. While considering elephant rides, always make sure to get advice and help during riding on and getting off the elephant. Also, avoid doing everything all by yourself, since reports has it that a number of foreign tourists are targets of scams.

Things to take with you

Firstly, take a sleep eye mask which expels the exterior lights coming to the eyes. Also, buy compression socks from Amazon. Putting the socks on during travel will ensure extra comfort for your legs. Furthermore, but some cable locks for luggage which keeps your bag complete secured in your hotel room while you travel around. Finally, buy a sling bag which would suffice in carrying all the daily items you need with you during your trip. Travelling to Thailand would be a uniquely exotic experience for you if you follow the useful tips and tricks. Also, avoidance from doing strenuous activities is a must and precaution should be taken before doing some activities that possess a threat. Finally, visit Thailand official tourism site for more aurthentic information.

How to travel solo as a senior?

How to travel solo as a senior?

A recent surge in the number of pensioners travelling alone has led travel experts to ponder over how to make the retirees’ journey memorable in the best possible way. Therefore, they are able to come up with some viable solutions upon much ponder. Some of these solutions are as follows:


Voluntourism combines travelling with volunteer service. In other words, Voluntourism is the act of learning while travelling. Activities like providing care for orphans, teaching English, assisting in building schools and so on all falls under the category of Voluntourism. Not only does Voluntourism gives you the chance to be a part of a specific project, it also facilitates your effort in taking up an active role in society. Furthermore, your bank of experience and patience makes you the perfect candidate for this role. Why not then give Voluntourism a try next time you intend to travel.


Senior citizens have an exciting option to select low-cost hostels that will be beneficial for their financial concerns. It is advisable to reserve a hostel after the summer when students return to schools and owners turn their hostels into hotels for the elderly. Living in a hostel will not only save costs, but it will also help in building up a communal circle. However, the fact that people in a hostel share the same facilities, including the kitchen and the toilet, can be a matter to some people. Also, one is likely to experience more noise due to communal living. Hence, such cons of living in a hostel should also be taken into consideration before reserving one.

Hosted living

Through services such as Airbnb and Couchsurfing, old people get the chance to travel solo but without feeling lonely. The concept of Airbnb and Couchsurfing involves the utilization of a space in someone’s living place, kind of like a living arrangement for visitors. It can also be referred to as a “paying guest” system. The advantage of selecting Couchsurfing is that it is free. On the other hand, Airbnb cost comparatively lesser than most grand hotels. Therefore, visit the websites of Couchsurfing International, Inc. and Airbnb for selecting your perfect accommodation.

Solo travelling has been a trendsetter in the old age travelling industry in modern times. Therefore, have your background research on time to have a smooth travel experience. Extensive research beforehand is mandatory for recognizing the authentic information over the internet. Therefore, start your search today and be utmost happy tomorrow.     

4 Questions Senior Citizens Must Ask Before Investing

4 Questions Senior Citizens Must Ask Before Investing

One of the biggest mistakes that most senior citizens make with their money is investing in the things they don’t even understand. At age 65 or older, you know that the last thing you want to do is to make mistakes with your savings or and reduced income. And the easiest way to mess with your savings easily is to invest in something you don’t know about.

Before investing, it’s important that you do your research well and understand the investment fully so that nothing will come as a surprise. As you know, surprises, especially those that affect you negatively, can have a toll on you.

There are some questions that you should always ask and get the correct answers before investing in any business. The most important ones include:

  1. What is the investment and how does it work

The first question to ask is what the investment is. You can’t just invest in something you don’t know. And how does it work? Make sure you understand the investment very well, and how it works. Make sure you can be able to explain what it is and how it works to another person without having to refer to some written document or guide. When you understand how an investment works, you will be able to make the right decisions.

  • What do you want to achieve

Before investing in any business, ask yourself what your investment goals are. Understanding your investment goals will help you put your money on a business that will help you realize your goals. What are you actually looking for in an investment? Is it income, growth, or financial safety from an investment? Or are you looking for both income and growth? When you know your goals, you will find it easier to choose an investment that has the potential of fulfilling them.

  • How much money do you expect the investment to generate?

Of course, there is a certain amount of money you expect to earn on an investment. It’s good to know how much you should expect to earn on a particular investment before you invest your money on the same. You should also ask yourself whether what you expect to earn is realistic.

  • What are the risks?

Every investment has its own risks. While you should be able to take risks for you to invest, you should know and understand the risks of an investment. Only invest if you are comfortable taking those risks.

How to travel in style with senior travel clubs?

How to travel in style with senior travel clubs?

Are you a retiree looking for some adventure? If so, then you have come to the right place for seeking information. We are going to show you just how you can have a relaxing adventure. Join one of the senior travel clubs and have an experience that will never be disappointing.

Senior travel clubs?

Senior travel clubs can be a great way to visit to get a 2019 medicare supplement to travel with. your desired destination(s) while meeting like-minded people on the way. Therefore, registering yourself with a senior travel club also allows you to engage yourself in a social circle. It is a unique opportunity to make good friends at this stage of life, when the spark of life seems to have faded and one often feel lonely and bored. Most senior travel clubs have a decent annual membership fee. The membership provides access to publications regarding online travel. Furthermore, the membership allows an individual to avail certain benefits and discounts, which is meant to make their travel experience free from unnecessary financial worries.

 Among other aspects, a senior travel club is intended to make people travel in groups. Therefore, people who fear travelling alone at this age have the exciting option of option for communal travel. Such clubs arrange meetings monthly or quarterly, meaning that the members are able to enjoy a welcoming social time on a regular basis. Furthermore, a selected member from the group possess the opportunity to present on aspects relating to travel.

Women-travel clubs

While it might be difficult for women to find a women-only travel group for a trip, all hope is not lost however. Some clubs like Thelma and Louise offer opportunities for women who want to travel in a women-only group. Via Thelma and Louise’s membership, women have the access to search for travel partners and plan trips with them accordingly.

Watch out

Travel club scams are nothing new and one should have an extensive background research before availing a membership of a travel club. Usually, scams offer free accommodation and flying; it also requires individuals to pay some kind of reservation fee for booking the free accommodation and transportation. Moreover, they can often charge higher membership fees with the promise of arranging free accommodation and flight for you.  Therefore,   be careful before you avail membership of a senior travel club. Senior travel clubs can be an amazing way for initiating your travel.  Hence, start preparing for your next trip now and be grateful tomorrow.

Travel without limits: The benefits of traveling in old age

Travel without limits: The benefits of traveling in old age

The care of the elderly should not be based only on the body and the mind. It is also necessary to take care of the spirit, the illusion, and the desire to live and learn new things with which to continue growing as people. And one of the best ways to achieve this purpose is to travel. With this simple action, we feed a need of the human being: personal discovery.

Travel without limits:

We can define life as a line of time that does not understand signs or stops along the way, a line full of curves that always goes forward and that rarely looks back. Society pushes us to comply with daily requirements and often we forget our own well-being, our own dreams. And without realizing it, and for various reasons, we can reach the third age without having done everything we proposed in the past. Retirement is one of the turning points in our adult life. Suddenly we find ourselves with a free time that we did not have before, which can make us open a door to the outside world.

It is normal that, when leaving the working life, we feel that sensation of loss of time. We have lived a life full of obligations and in the moment of not having them, a vacuum is created inside. Traveling is a good way to get 2019 medicare advantage plans put aside this feeling, which can also motivate us to study new languages, mix with different cultures and make each day different from the previous one.

The benefits of traveling in old age

The third age is a good time to take care of ourselves. A fact that, added to the work of the elderly caregiver will make our life easier. And what is more important, happier. Here we want to detail a series of benefits that we will obtain when traveling in the third age:

  • •    We will know something new every day.
  • •    We will improve our physical and emotional health.
  • •    We will socialize with other people.
  • •    We will break with the routine, reducing nervous symptoms.
  • •    We will gain mental agility since we have to face small challenges such as the change of city, currency or transport.
  • •    We will relieve circulation if we go to the coast area.
  • •    We will breathe clean air if we travel to nature.
  • •    We will improve our physical health since we forced ourselves to walk to see those wonderful corners that the world has.

Travel checklist for senior’s holidays

Travel checklist for senior’s holidays

Seniors are a growth branch of the tourism industry. Older people often like to travel and usually have the necessary funds for a nice holiday. In addition to the budget, the so-called “best agers” have the time to make interesting trips. Around 43% of all holiday trips are booked by over 60s. It shows that travel behavior changes very little with increasing age – those who have traveled a lot in the world as a young person continue to do so. Seniors are often open-minded and committed and quite agile in everyday travel. Nevertheless, careful preparation is important to make the holidays for the elderly stress-free and positive. The checklist below contains points that seniors should check before leaving.

•    Determining the type of holiday: Depending on whether the trip, different utensils and preparation measures are required. When the destination is established, the next steps can go into detail.

•    Consultation with the doctor about any necessary vaccinations: Especially for air travel to distant countries seniors should check with the family doctor or a travel physician if their vaccination certificate is complete and up to date. If necessary, have vaccinations refreshed in good time before departure.

•    Check with a doctor or pharmacy if taking and taking certain medications could cause problems. Some destination countries have special regulations. Medical certificates translated into national language or English for overseas travel can prevent complications at the destination.

•    Advice on possible time shifts in foreign travel and the consequences of a changed medication. Especially elderly people with permanent illnesses should discuss with their doctor when they take their medicines on vacation and at what dose they are correctly adjusted. Affected include diabetics who need insulin or hypoglycemic tablets.

•    If there is a disability or reduced mobility, it is important for the elderly to know what accessibility is at the resort. Information leaflets, travel agencies and the Internet provide information about accommodation and accommodation facilities. In many cases, images help to make initial assessments of the suitability of the desired goal. The same goes for other handicaps that restrict seniors in some way.

•    Discuss the changed climate situation with the doctor. For example, some medicines may cause unwanted side effects such as skin reactions or stomach intolerances under unfamiliar sun exposure. Also, the cycle is particularly stressed when the destination is a different climate zone. Doctors and pharmacists give in advance valuable tips on how older people cope well with the situation.